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“Violence and attacks by ultra-Orthodox people against women”

Opinion | by Anna Kislanski | 1 February 2022

Month after month, members of the ultra-Orthodox public violently attack Women of the Wall who attempt to pray in the women’s section of the Western Wall, as is their right and their practice.


“The new head of Israel’s Reform movement is cautiously optimistic”

An interview | by Amy Spiro | 28 October 2021
Anna Kislanski, who took the helm of the organization after Rabbi Gilad Kariv was elected to the Knesset, believes the new government could revive the Western Wall compromise deal.


‘It wasn’t how I imagined a Rabbi’: Meet the New Leader of Reform Judaism in Israel’

By Judy Maltz | 24 September 2021
As she replaces Gilad Kariv at the helm of the Reform Movement in Israel, Anna Kislanski is looking to capitalize on a unique political opportunity created by the eclectic new government in Jerusalem.


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