About our CEO, Anna Kislanski


Anna Kislanski was born in Moscow, a child of activists in the Soviet Jewry movement, and at the age of two moved with her family to Haifa, Israel in the early 70s. She served in the IDF intelligence unit and then studied at Haifa University and achieved a BA Degree in Middle Eastern Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Education.

Anna is an experienced educator and community building specialist who oversees all of the IMPJ’s activities in Israel, including Congregational Development, Education, Youth programs, Young Adult Activities, and the Domim project which partners Israeli Reform Congregations with counterparts throughout the world. During Anna’s tenure in this position in which she has served in since 2011, the IMPJ has more than doubled its congregational presence in Israel from 23 to 52 cities and regional areas.

Previously, Anna served as the Reform Movement’s Central Shlicha in North America for the Union of Reform Judaism (2005-2009) and during that time was selected by The Jewish Agency for Israel as the top professional Shaliach for 2006.

Prior to filling these posts, Anna served as Curriculum Consultant for the School Twinning Program of the Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Partnership, and as the Program Director for Congregation Or Hadash in Haifa – the Reform Movement’s largest congregation in the north of Israel.