Who We Are

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism is the communal, spiritual and social Jewish movement that acts to promote the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state according to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, enriches Jewish identity among the vast and diverse Israeli public, and merits to significantly influence religious, educational and public discourse in the State of Israel and in the entire Jewish world. 

Our work in Israel includes: Progressive Jewish education; establishing pluralistic Jewish communities; youth and young adult leadership; social action and advocacy for religious pluralism in Israel; engaging immigrants from the Former Soviet Union with their Judaism; deepening ties between Israeli and Diaspora Jews 

Guided by values of Reform Judaism in general, and Tikkun Olam in particular, the Israel Reform Movement works every day to make progressive and pluralistic Judaism accessible to all Israelis. 

By the numbers 

By the numbers

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Our history  

For many years Reform Judaism remained a marginal feature of Israeli society, mostly serving immigrants from Europe and North America – although, happily, 22 congregations were established between the years 1960 and 2008. 

Then, during the past two decades, a historic “window of opportunity” opened for the Israeli Reform Movement. A growing sector of Israel’s secular and traditional public began to view Reform Judaism and other phenomena of Pluralistic Jewish Renewal as an appropriate, attractive, and legitimate address for expressing their Jewish identity – mostly through celebration of Jewish holidays and significant life cycle events. This process was the result of a variety of trends including the dislike of the Orthodox establishment and religious coercion, but most importantly – the desire of major numbers of the Israeli public to find deeper meaning and opportunity to express their Jewish identity, in a way that would fit their modern, liberal worldview.  

Over the last twenty years, and following various strategies by the IMPJ, many public opinion surveys and research studies show that a clear majority of Israel’s secular Jewish population and half of Israel’s “traditional” population feel a straightforward sense of support and positive attitude towards Reform Judaism. Today, Reform Judaism is viewed as a legitimate expression of Jewish life. 

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