Yachdav – School to school twinning

Yachdav is the IMPJ’s educational twinning program matching students in Jewish supplementary schools, grades 5-11, with their peers in Israeli Reform Jewish schools.

Operating today in 30 classrooms in Israel with 30 supplementary schools from congregations abroad, Yachdav offers year-long curricula that incorporate for shared learning and joint projects.

Options for educators to choose include:

Maagalim (Circles) addresses issues of identity and our circles of community. Me, my family, my community, my country, my people

Yarok (Green) explores Reform Judaism, relationships and sustainability

Bnei Mitzvah with Friends is designed as a Jewish journey for 6th and 7th grade boys and girls, introducing them to mitzvot, what does personal responsibility mean, how do we approach adulthood, and what traditional and new ceremonies honor this rite of passage

Kachol Lavan (Blue and White) focuses on Israeli innovation, inventions, and history –

To join your schools with ours, email Reut Noyman, Director of the IMPJ Education Department

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