What We Do

Grow congregations: Kahal v’Kehilla and u’Faratztah  

53 Reform congregations spread throughout Israel, some veteran and some new initiatives, with progressive Jewish services and practice, Bet Midrash, family-oriented Jewish expression, Jewish calendar activities, Tikkun Olam projects and more. Spiritual development and growth for Rabbinic leadership. 

Progressive Jewish Education 

Reform scholastic network, curricula for Israeli public state schools, and interactive “Yachdav” programming between Jewish pupils in Israel and in the diaspora. 

Advocacy and legislation: the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC)  

As the Israel Reform Movement legal division, IRAC champions public advocacy and legal counsel to fight discrimination among marginalized groups of Israeli society. 

L’Chaim: Life-cycle events  

From britot to Bnei Mitzvah ceremonies to weddings and burials, Israeli Reform Rabbis lead services, conduct training, and provide counseling for 5,000 Israeli families each year on average, and touching hundreds of thousands more. 

Online and accessible Judaism 

Providing progressive Jewish content, downloadable media and pluralistic family-oriented materials surrounding the Jewish calendar to engage Israelis and the wider public in our activities, practices, and people.  

Humanitarian Support: Keren b’Kavod  

As the Israel Movement’s division for community-based social action, Keren B’Kavod implements a number of programs and projects from humanitarian aid to shared society, and from inclusive housing of people with disabilities to empowering life-skills courses for women of various minority groups. 

Focusing on the Future: Youth and Young Adults  

The Israel Reform Youth Movement, Noar Telem, leads weekly activities in Reform congregations and in cities across Israel. Its annual calendar includes weekly activities, hiking trips, Shabbat retreats, and the very popular Havayah summer camp.  

Young adults can attend our pre-army leadership training academy, Mechina, in Jaffa or Holon; our post-army “Zirei Kayitz” young leadership seminar on Kibbutz Yahel; and join communities of young adults who live mission-led lives as activists for liberal Judaism and democratic Israeli society through our Tlalim programming and congregations.  

For Russian-speaking new immigrants: Aliyah Support and Conversion Programs 

Specialized programming and support led by Israeli Reform rabbis together with our Israel Religious Action Center to provide Russian-speaking Israelis with legal aid for bureaucratic issues following immigration and more. 

Israel-Diaspora connections  

Bridging Diaspora Jewry of all ages to Reform Judaism and Israel with a range of programs that include: Israeli youth delegations to Reform Jewish summer camps in North America, partnership networks between Reform congregations, lay leaders, young adults, and special interest groups; and joint advocacy for religious pluralism and freedom in Israel for non Orthdox streams.  

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