The flagship partnership program of the Israel Reform Movement, Domim brings together Reform congregations in North America and Israel for lasting, meaningful, and dynamic relationships.

Launched in 2015, with support from Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs to the Israel Reform Movement, Domim aims to:

  • Cultivate and deepen the bond between Diaspora Jewry and Israel through meaningful and long-term people to people interactions.
  • Enhance the status of Israel among Diaspora Reform communities.
  • Foster awareness and understanding among Israeli Reform congregations of Diaspora Jewish life in general, and in Reform communities in particular.
  • Strengthen leadership of Israeli Reform congregations and Reform communities around the world.

Today, more than 30 Reform congregations in Israel are matched with close to 120 Reform congregations in North America and elsewhere, meeting regularly in person and online for Shabbat services and sermons, holiday celebrations, cultural experiences (movie screenings with discussions, book clubs), and more.

Domim is growing to match new congregations and interest groups – women’s groups, lay leaders, young adults, and more. We welcome inquiries on how you can bring Israeli Reform leaders, rabbis, and movement into your congregations. Email [email protected] for information on how to start today.

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