Securing together an Israel we are proud of

IMPJ & IRAC Emergency Campaign

IMPJ & IRAC Emergency Campaign

For decades, the Israel Reform Movement, and its legal and advocacy arm, the Israel Religious Action Center, have been serving on the front lines of nurturing Israel as a Jewish and democratic state – One that adheres to the vision of Israel’s Declaration of Independence as a country for all its citizens; and one that Jews around the world are proud to call home.

Today, members of the new government threaten to override Israel’s core values with an insidious racism, extremism, and discrimination. A barrage of coalition agreements form a powerful storm that endangers IRAC’s legal achievements which secured Israel as a Jewish and democratic homeland. A legal revolution, if allowed to pass, will block attempts to challenge in courts the extreme initiatives of the government and will gravely harm Israel’s democratic nature, leaving the rights of Reform Jews, women, LGBTQ and Arabs unprotected.

In addition, due to the anti-Reform views of the new government and its ministers the Israel Reform Movement stands to lose more than $1.5 million in government funding. These programs provide critical support for rabbis and congregational activities, educational programs, and assistance to new immigrants, including many from Ukraine and Russia.

We are facing new obstacles daily, but we will prevail and continue to fight and stand up for an Israel that is a democratic state for all Jewish people and all its citizens.

We have already raised 650,000 NIS (~ $185,000 USD) from our Israeli congregants and supporters, but we need your support to carry us through this challenging period, and increase our growth and impact on Israeli society despite the barriers being built by our detractors.

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Together, we will:

  • Lead a social media, public awareness campaign in Israel that informs Israelis on the current threats, engages them with our Jewish and Democratic values and mobilizes them to action against the dangerous measures of the government.
  • Support Israeli Reform rabbis and strengthen our 54 congregations throughout Israel; and establish new congregations.
  • Maintain and increase our formal and informal pluralistic, Jewish educational programming in over 100 Israeli public schools which the current government tries to restrict;
  • Broaden and enhance our social and legal services for new immigrants to Israel, including Russian and Ukrainian refugees which face obstacles in their efforts to flee the war and acquire status in Israel;
  • Expand IRAC’s legal and public advocacy work in the courts, Knesset and in the streets to fight the dangerous initiatives;
  • Mobilize Reform congregations to work with municipalities around the country to counter the dangerous government measures on issues of religious pluralism, shared society, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights;

For more information about our activities in Israel click here.

Together, we can battle these challenges and secure an Israel we are proud of: An Israel that is guided by our shared Jewish values and vision; and an Israel that is a peaceful home for all.

Partner with us today!

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