From Restoration to Independence, Together

מתקומה לעצמאות, ביחד

Together with Israel at 75: Shabbat Tekumah and Yom Haatzmaot with the IMPJ and IRAC

We are pleased to share this resource collection specially created for the celebration of Shabbat Tekumah, April 21-22 and 30 Nissan-1 Iyyar, and Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s 75th Independence Day, April 26 and 5 Iyyar, with our members and partners in Israel and around the world.

Click below to download and print material to share with your congregations and communities.

From Rebirth to Independence, Together – a resource collection of readings, prayers, drashot and more from the IMPJ and IRAC

Click here for a special prayer for the State of Israel on its 75th year by Rabbi Ayala Samuels, Chair of Maram, the Israeli Reform Rabbinic Council.

To access select chapters from the booklet:

Click here for a selection of prayers, in English and Hebrew, during services

Click here for an excerpt of all the drashot from Reform Rabbis

Click here for additional readings

We assembled a variety of texts that enable you to celebrate Israel and the IMPJ with your congregations through Torah, prayer, or song. We hope that you join us for these milestone occasions and bring Israel and the IMPJ into your hearts and prayers, this year more than ever.

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