Sharing the Light

Hanukkah 2023

Sharing the Light

This Hanukkah, amidst the darkness that has been around us for more than 60 days, the hard work of IMPJ’s Regional Rabbis and in particular Shaar Hanegev in the Gaza Envelope, Mate Asher, and Megiddo regions have been spreading light through their hard work with the survivors and evacuees of the horrors of October 7th. Rabbis Yael Vurgan, Yael Karrie and Michal Ken Tor have been providing spiritual solace to souls deeply scarred by the ongoing trauma of terror and violence.

The presence of these incredible rabbis as first responders delivering spiritual first aid, stand as a pillar of strength for victims of terror, the families of those massacred and those taken hostage, and the resilient souls in the kibbutzim of the Gaza Envelope and the north.

As we approach Hanukkah, special project “Mevie Or” (literally “bringing the light”) illuminates the importance of shared society during these challenging times, when racism is on the rise due to the situation. Within this, Keren B’Kavod’s Meeting Neighbors” program, facilitates meetings between families from neighboring Arab and Jewish communities, allowing the communities to join together, bringing the light through sharing their challenges, hopes and doubts – holding hands against the cycle of violence and fear.

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