Resilience in the Face of War

IMPJ Emergency Aid

Resilience campaign 2023

In response to the military and human emergency in Israel, the Israel Reform Movement, along with its Rabbis, congregations, and volunteers, is mobilizing to aid those directly affected in the Shaar Ha Negev (Gaza Envelope) region and across central and southern Israel as they grapple with the ongoing crises. Our humanitarian fund, Keren b’ Kavod, has initiated collaboration with authorities and partner NGOs to assess needs and is devising plans to dispatch volunteers and supplies directly to settlements and shelters amidst the conflict. Reform congregations across Israel are generously offering their members’ homes and facilities to provide temporary housing and pastoral counseling, facilitated by our Rabbis, for those in distress. Specifically, our group home for adults with mental disabilities, Bayit B’Kehillah in Modiin, requires targeted activities and professional services to assist residents in facing the unique challenges presented. Most critically, our Sha’ar Ha Negev congregation, led by Rabbi Yael Vurgan, urgently requires aid to support traumatized residents in various capacities.
Your contributions would be greatly appreciated in aiding the IMPJ’s efforts to provide immediate assistance where it is needed most and to those who have been hit hard and traumatized in so many ways.

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