Kehillat Har-El, Jerusalem

Local Congregation

Kehilat Har-El, established in 1958, is the founding congregation of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.  The congregation lives and preserves the deep religious heritage of our people while actively striving for the continued development and renewal of Jewish tradition.  Kehilat Har-El is located in a classic pre-state style building (next to the Artists’ House) and serves as a home for Jewish Renewal through prayer, study, social justice, culture, and art.

Our community holds services every Shabbat (Friday evening and Saturday morning) and Holiday in a warm and family-like atmosphere.  Men and women sit together as equals, as true to Reform tradition.  Our services are accessible to all, and even those who are not used to praying on a regular basis can feel comfortable and included.

Har-El’s services are with musical accompaniment and are led by its spiritual leaders, Rabbi Ada Zavidov and Cantor Evan Cohen.

Community Services

  • Bar/ Bat Mitzvah
  • Weddings

Events and programs in the community


Institutions in the community

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