Kehillat Hadror, Jerusalem

Local Congregation

Kehilat HaDror formally began some 5 years ago after a small group of local residents seeking an egalitarian prayer community in our own neighborhood of Kiryat HaYovel, Jerusalem had been organizing around High Holiday services for over a decade and decided that they want a more permanent Reform Jewish home in their neighborhood. Since then, our Kehila (community) has blossomed into a vibrant congregation of many families and individuals.

The congregation is led by Rabbi Ezra Ende.

Community Details

בי"ס תל"י בית וגן, רח' וולטה עילית 12, קרית היובל, י-ם

Community Services

  • Bar/ Bat Mitzvah
  • Birth and Naming Ceremonies
  • Conversion
  • Funerals and Mourning
  • Weddings

Events and programs in the community


Institutions in the community

Tali Bayit Vagan School


Valta Haelite 12, Jerusalem

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