Bavat Ayin is a Reform Congregation committed to study, religious practice and community building. As the only liberal community in the city of Rosh Ha’ayin, we devote ourselves to a continuous search and research of our Jewish Israeli identity. We welcome all Israelis who are willing to take part in the dialogue between our Jewish heritage and traditions to the contemporary reality of life in Israel.
Founded by a group of native-born Israelis in 2004, we are still the only synagogue (out of over 150) in the city that accommodates Bat Mitzvah girls and welcomes families to pray and celebrate together as equal partners in the search for spirituality.Throughout the years we have hosted many congregations, groups and families during their visit to Israel. Located in the periphery, 45 minutes from Jerusalem and 30 minutes from Tel Aviv, we offer an off-the-beaten road experience of Erev Shabbat followed by warm home hospitality. We are excited about every guest that comes our way, confirming and strengthening our presence in the city.
Bavat Ayin is connected to three North American congregations through Domim Project.

The congregation is led by Rabbi Ayala Miron.